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Kentucky Education Ranking

The Kentucky education ranking shows that the state’s overall education level is a little below the national average. However, there are several areas where the state outshines the rest. For instance, the Louisville/Jefferson County area is one of the most educated in the U.S. and Fort Thomas Independent Schools is the best school district in the state.

ACT data shows Kentucky isn’t in the middle of the pack

Kentucky isn’t in the middle of the pack in education rankings, according to the latest ACT data. The state is not far behind other states, but is still improving.

The ACT is a standardized test that assesses math, reading, English, and science. It is graded on a scale of one to 36. Educators can access the ACT website to get free resources to help students and parents prepare for the test.

In the spring of 2022, 383,000 Kentucky students took the statewide tests. About a fifth of students failed to score proficient or distinguished on the test. Only a small percentage of Kentucky schools met the statewide performance standard, which was set for a “high proficiency” level.

Kentucky has the third-highest high school graduation rate in the country. The school system ranks sixth in two-year postsecondary graduations.

Louisville/Jefferson County is the 95th most educated area in the U.S.

Jefferson County, Kentucky is one of the most integrated districts in the country. The county, which covers more than 300 square miles, spans both urban and suburban areas. Its proximity to Metro Louisville means it is a central location for residents.

In 1974, the federal government mandated school integration. Although many cities ignored this directive, Louisville took a different approach. Rather than a single, system-wide magnet school plan, the city opted to adopt a more holistic, regional approach.

This new strategy focused on socioeconomic factors to achieve greater racial balance. It also relied on neighborhood-level demographics. While the federal government required that schools integrate, it did not require that neighborhoods integrate.

An interesting point about the new plan is that 89 percent of parents would say that diversity in their children’s schools is a desirable thing. Some highly educated people might be uncomfortable with being socialized with people of lower education levels, or who may not flock to the same neighborhoods.

Fort Thomas Independent Schools is the best school district in Kentucky

Fort Thomas Independent Schools are not only a great place to go to school, but they are also the best school district in Kentucky. This is based on a lot of factors, including student to teacher ratio, graduation rate and a variety of other data.

Niche, the company that rates schools, has released a list of the best school districts in the state. Their listing includes more than 11,800 school districts. It uses a combination of data from the U.S. Department of Education, the US Census Bureau and a number of other sources to compile the rankings.

The company ranks schools based on a variety of criteria, including teacher salaries, SAT/ACT scores, access to extracurricular activities and more. They have over 140 million ratings, a number that makes them the leading marketer of connecting schools and families.

Kentucky ranks in the bottom ten states for starting teacher pay and education support professionals’ earnings

Despite its high ranking in cost of living, Kentucky is ranked among the worst states in the country when it comes to teacher salaries. This is particularly true when it comes to education support professionals, or ESPs.

In addition to the fact that Kentucky teachers earn less than the national average, the state also ranks in the bottom half of the nation for two of its salary metrics. The highest paying state in the nation is Illinois with a 42.6 percent salary increase. But the state also ranks in the bottom ten when it comes to starting teacher pay and education support professionals’ earnings.

For example, despite Kentucky’s enviable ranking as the fourth-lowest cost of living state, the average starting teacher salary in the state is still about $10,000 less than the national average. While this may not be the reason for teachers’ dissatisfaction in the state, it should be noted that many teachers are losing their talent to higher-paying careers.

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WalletHub compared the most and least educated areas in the U.S.

WalletHub recently released a study comparing the most and least educated areas in Kentucky. The study used a variety of data sets, including the number of children who are underprivileged, the average household income, test scores, the share of maltreated children, the percentage of students who receive National Blue Ribbon Schools, and the quality of the public school system.

The study found that the Tri-State area ranked 56th in the nation. Lexington-Lafayette, Kentucky, ranked 24th. Several other cities in the region ranked well, though. Other top cities include Indianapolis, Illinois, Madison, Wisconsin, and San Jose, California.

In addition to being a WalletHub ranking, the study also looked at educational attainment in the states, compared the quality of their public school systems, and analyzed the educational gap between genders, races, and socioeconomic statuses. Although some cities in the state ranked better than others, the overall results of the study showed that the education gap is wide in the state.