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Quality of Life Plan

The Quality of Life Plan is an initiative that will guide the implementation of public policy initiatives that improve the quality of life in the neighborhood. The Plan will incorporate strategies and goals to achieve the vision and goals of hundreds of near-Eastside residents. Through an open process, residents will identify their needs, wants and goals and access the expertise needed to implement the plan. In addition, the plan will establish quality of life benchmarks for implementation that are more transparent to neighborhood members.

In addition to identifying the most important issues, quality of life plans are living documents that are continually evaluated. South Indy and Southeast Indianapolis will update their quality of life plans in 2022. Hundreds of volunteers work to develop the plans. The lead agency needs dedicated staff to facilitate the process and support the work of hundreds of volunteers. The plans are based on community needs and priorities and are subject to change. The South Indy Quality of Life Plan is currently being implemented, with updates scheduled for 2022.